Hello! I'm Emma Johanna Puranen.

Voice actor, writer, sound designer, producer, and director for audio drama. You can also hire me to consult on all things astronomy for your science fiction show!

Voice Acting

Highly versatile, warm, mature mid-range voice with home setup and available for remote work. I'm ready to play your friendly narrator, dastardly villain, caring mother, cool AI, or whoever you need me to be!Native accent: general American.
Other accents: RP British, Southern American.
Can play age range teen to middle-aged.
"Emma is a delight to work with, reliable, and has both range and intensity." - Scott Paladin, Breathing Space, Fading Frontier

"Emma is prompt, reliable, and most of all, takes a palpable pride and pleasure in her work." - Kale Brown, SINKHOLE

“In addition to being an all-around wonderful creative presence, Emma is an extremely authentic and versatile performer behind the mic. She’s a dynamite mix of warm, in-the moment chemistry and careful character study no matter what you throw at her. Seriously, just close your eyes and take a listen!” - Lauren Tucker, Micro-Cosmos

"Emma's voice has a richness and authenticity that's absolutely wonderful to work with. She understands the assignments given, and delivers wonderfully. Her performance style is so believeable; she'd make a great addition to any project!" - Leslie Gideon


The Stench of Adventure: EileenMachine
Breathing Space, Fading Frontier: Luce in Ride, Boldly Ride, Long Hauler in Ships in the Night, and Korrinne in The Debt-End Job
SINKHOLE: Wendy Laramie
Electromancy: Professor Rosario
Tranthologies: Osanna in Of the Storm
Micro-Cosmos: Lady
Verdant Heart: Dr. Beverly Faulkner
The Godshead Incidental: Hierarchy Anarchy
as well as more upcoming projects!

Science Consulting

Want to design an alien planet? Need to know what the seasons are like on Mars? Wondering what the tides are like on the moon of a gas giant? I've got you!I'm a postgraduate researcher with degrees in astronomy and history, currently studying the portrayal of exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) in science fiction. I understand science and I understand fiction, and I want to help with your project! Reach out to me via email at [email protected] to hear about my reasonable rates -- I'm happy to schedule a chat, or review your script, whichever you prefer.

“A brief consultation with Emma provided an incredible amount of information and inspiration that led to the central set piece of my novel. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” - Hugo-nominated author Catherynne M. Valente


I am the creator of the indie audio drama ROGUEMAKER, a science fiction mystery about travellers stuck in escape pods after their spaceship explodes. In addition to voicing Ship, I write, sound design, and co-direct the show. We've received excellent reviews for our worldbuilding, characters, and mystery, and even been featured on the BBC! Listen wherever you get your podcasts.